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Started this before change to "New Blogger", as backup in case of trouble with digiphoto blog "In a Small Dark Room", or rants & links blog "Hello Cruel World" . Useful - at one stage Dark Room was there, but like the astrophysical Dark Matter, we could't see it ... better now, but kept Just In Case.

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There is nothing. There is no God and no universe, there is only empty space, and in it a lost and homeless and wandering and companionless and indestructible Thought. And I am that thought. And God, and the Universe, and Time, and Life, and Death, and Joy and Sorrow and Pain only a grotesque and brutal dream, evolved from the frantic imagination of that same Thought.
Mark Twain (letter to Joseph Twichell after his wife's death)
[me, on a bad day]

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Some parts of the UK site where you can blog from your mobile phone - send messages, still photos, video or audio. They can be set up as shared blogs so several people can post, say on a shared theme. This is one like that: Mysterious Doors

And this is more like a personal blog (this entry sounds like Just One of Those Days): The Damndest Thing, by Melinda


This is a picture of me having a really bad day. [image]

If one more person comes to me with something that HAS TO BE DONE BY TWO O'CLOCK I'm going to sodomize them urgently with a toner cartridge. A big one. I'll use the colour printer stock because it's more expensive and then they can spend the rest of the afternoon bleeding from their asses and shitting rainbows.

I like this man's head (tho' here I'm showing you is mainly his links to other people & places)

matt jones | work & thoughts
I am loving Newsmap ( ) - a flash visualisation of Google News I found via the equally dazzling angermann2 ( )

April 8, 2004:
Wake up
From Barbelith:
"...imagine what would happen to Pulp Fiction if, when the character of Jules looked into the briefcase, he "woke up" in mid-scene and not only realized that he was a character in a movie, but also realized that he "was" also Mace Windu and Shaft and a bunch of other characters in realities he can scarcely comprehend, while also glimpsing an uber-reality where all of those realities are just movies and he's an actor called Samuel L. Jackson."

Happy Eostre. I'm off back to Wales.

The Google CityBlock Project:
multi-perspective panoramas of city blocks
The panorama above (at right) is a portion of the north side of the 300-block of Castro Street in Mountain View. This panorama was constructed by aligning and pasting together narrow vertical strips extracted from consecutive frames of a video sequence captured by a sideways-looking video camera mounted in the back of a slowly-moving car. Click here to view the original one-minute video (14MB, JPEG compressed for quicker downloading). Click here to view the computed multi-perspective panorama (210 KB JPEG file, but beware - this image is 6000 pixels wide!)
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Capitalists for Hillarycare
Look who's supporting universal health care now.
By Daniel Gross
Posted Friday, April 16, 2004, at 1:21 PM PT

... Companies that provide health care to employees put themselves at a disadvantage to competitors—domestic and foreign—that don't. And because uninsured people frequently receive care—from the government or hospitals—those who pay for health care are essentially subsidizing those who don't ...

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