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Started this before change to "New Blogger", as backup in case of trouble with digiphoto blog "In a Small Dark Room", or rants & links blog "Hello Cruel World" . Useful - at one stage Dark Room was there, but like the astrophysical Dark Matter, we could't see it ... better now, but kept Just In Case.

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There is nothing. There is no God and no universe, there is only empty space, and in it a lost and homeless and wandering and companionless and indestructible Thought. And I am that thought. And God, and the Universe, and Time, and Life, and Death, and Joy and Sorrow and Pain only a grotesque and brutal dream, evolved from the frantic imagination of that same Thought.
Mark Twain (letter to Joseph Twichell after his wife's death)
[me, on a bad day]

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Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is now in Australia
So a topical repeat of some previous posts -- see January 11, 2003 and June 17, 2003

Particularly this:
Gene Wolfe's essay on what The Lord Of The Rings means to him.
The Best Introduction to the Mountains
by Gene Wolfe
With that preparation I entered the Mills of Mordor, where courtesy is weakness, honesty is foolishness, and cruelty is entertainment
It is said with some truth that there is no progress without loss; and it is always said, by those who wish to destroy good things, that progress requires it. No great insight or experience of the world is necessary to see that such people really care nothing for progress. They wish to destroy for their profit, and they, being clever, try to persuade us that 'progress' and 'change' are synonymous ...

I do not agree with all his attitudes (browse through this blog to get a feel for mine if you are interested), but do sympathise with quite a few, rather like my attitude to Tolkien, parts of which, even in my early teens thirty years back, quite set my teeth on edge.
Perhaps it's because of the slightly fraught relationship between Great Britain/Europe and Australia (there are hints of a similar affect between the USA & the 'Old World', but it is distinctly different too).
Perhaps it's because I was (still am) female.

Nearby may be found other bits of Andy W Robertson's site, such as: DSL Notes on Content and

Meanwhile, others have been busy *** MAJOR MOVIE SPOILERS ***
Return of the King Scene-by-Scene

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